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Page Templates

Cinnamon Pro/Lite comes with three page templates – Default Page Template, Page with side-bar and Blog.

The Default page template is the standard page for your text pages and will be displayed if no other template is chosen. It is a full width page and does not show the sidebar and widgets.

If you choose the Page with sidebar template for your text page – it will display the Sidebar if you have added widgets to widgets area.

For more info on widget see: TUTORIALS > USING WIDGETS

Blog posts are created under POSTS. The Blog page template will display all of these blog posts on this page. You can however determine how many posts show on this page – from your WordPress dashboard go to SETTINGS > READING choose a number for BLOG PAGES SHOW AT MOST.

To add extra styling to your pages – use shortcodes.
For more on shortcodes see: TUTORIALS > USING SHORTCODES