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Tip One:

When updating your site – it is best to work with two tabs open.

  1. Open a browser tab for the ADMIN where you will be making the changes
  2. Open another for your WEBSITE so you can see your updates

Make changes in your admin & save, then toggle to the front-end & refresh the screen to see your edit.

Tip Two: Working in Visual or Text:

You will see that you can view your text boxes in VISUAL or TEXT – mostly it is best to work in visual (unless you understand HTML) except when using Shortcodes when it is best to work in Text Mode.

Tip Three: Screen Options

At the top of the screen – click on SCREEN OPTIONS – this will allow you to select all the features you need when working on your site.

Tip Four: Kitchen Sink

If you want all the editing options to show – click on the last icon in the top menu of icons (kitchen sink) and all the icons available will show.