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Managing your Home Page Images

This guide is predominantly for Cinnamon Pro – however a lot of it applies to Cinnamon Lite also.

Below is a short tutorial on how to:

  • Show/hide your slideshow
  • Show/hide your gallery feature images
  • Give your home page a unique look and feel.

Watch the video or read below


Your Homepage Slideshow

Cinnamon Pro comes with a homepage slideshow.

Homepage slides are 940 pixels wide and you can choose the height.

With your Cinnamon Pro theme you can choose:
  • To hide or show your homepage slideshow
  • Choose the height of your homepage slides
  • Choose the transition effect for your homepage slides
  • To link your homepage slides to internal pages
To add a homepage slide:
  1. From your WordPress dashboard click on SLIDESHOW
  2. Click on ADD NEW
  3. Give your slide a title
  4. Upload an image to the FEATURED IMAGE to do this:
    • Either click on UPLOAD IMAGE (to upload an image from your computer) or click on one of the images in the grid of images (these are images which you have already uploaded)
To link a slide to an internal page or gallery:
  1. From your WordPress dashboard click on SLIDESHOW and choose a slide – you will see a URL field
  2. Copy the URL of the page or gallery that you would like to link this homepage slide to
  3. SAVE
To turn off the home page slideshow:

You might want to turn off the slideshow and just have lots of feature images linking to your galleries.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard and click on APPEARANCE > THEME OPTIONS
To manage your homepage slideshow height & transitions:
  1. Prepare your homepage slides to 940 pixels wide x whatever height you choose
  2. From your WordPress dashboard click on APPEARANCE > THEME OPTIONS – click on HOME PAGE
  3. Set the height
  4. Choose a transition effect

Your Gallery Feature Images:

Your featured images are the images on your home page just under the slideshow. Each image links to a particular gallery of images (e.g. Animals, B&W or portraits).
You can specific how many of feature images you would like on your home page. Rows of 3 look best but you might want 3, 6, 18 etc.
You can also turn off the slideshow and only have your featured images – or turn off the featured images and only have the slideshow.

To activate/deactivate your featured images so they appear/don’t appear on your home page:

From your WordPress dashboard click on PORTFOLIO and you will see all your portfolios are listed.
To activate/deactivate a particular featured image on the home page – click on the star in the FEATURED column the featured image for that portfolio will not show on your home page.