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Creating Menus

Theme Poetry uses WordPress Menus for the menus on your site (as opposed to using the page title). This allows greater control over your menus and enables you to reorder them and manage sub-menus.

Our themes use a menu called ‘main’ so you must create a menu and name it ‘main’ for the menu to work. You must then make sure that WordPress knows to use the menu so make sure it is assigned correctly in the ‘Manage Locations’ tab.

To add a menu to your site:

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to APPEARANCE > MENUS.
  2. Select the pages you want to display in your menu from the Pages Panel then click the ADD TO MENU button. If you do not see the type of page (category, tag, portfolio, gallery, etc) you want to display, click the Screen Options link at the top of the page and make sure the page type is checked.
  3. Once you are happy with your menu, click the SAVE MENU button.
  4. You then need to click on the ‘Manage Locations’ tab at the top of the page and assign that menu ‘main’ as the Header Menu – click SAVE.

To create a dropdown Menu:

  1. Ensure that the menu items that are to be in the dropdown are directly below the parent menu item on your menu
  2. Drag the menu slightly to the right so it is indented
  3. Once you are happy with your menu, click the SAVE MENU button to save your changes.

Using Custom Links:

You may want to create a parent menu item that does not link to anything but has a dropdown menu. To do this you need to create a Custom Link.

  1. In the URL area, replace everything with a # symbol.
  2. In the label, enter your menu name – add this link to your menu.

You may wish to create a menu item that links to an external site – to do this add the link in the custom menu URL field.