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Creating Links


You can link to any URL on the web (e.g. you want want to add useful resources or suppliers to your website).

You can link from one of your web pages to another (e.g. you may want to add CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US on your ABOUT US page).

You can add an email address to your website and make this live so that when a web visitor clicks on the link it opens whatever email program they use (e.g. Outlook).

You can use an image instead of text to create a link.

 To add a link to your content:

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard choose the Post or Page you wish to add the link to
  2. Write the text that you would like to appear as a link and then select it
  3. Click on the LINK button from the editing menu above the text box – this is the little icon that looks like a link in a chain
  4. The link editing box will appear – in the URL field you can:
    • External Links (to another website) – Enter the full URL of where you would like this text to link to (remember to include http:// before your URL)  – tick OPEN LINK IN NEW WINDOW
    • Internal Links (to a page or media or your website) – Enter the URL of a page or media on your website
    • Email – If you wish to add an email link put the email address in this format in the URL field mailto:PERSON@EMAILADDRESS.COM
  5. Click on ADD LINK