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Creating & Editing Pages


Your site has PAGES and POSTS. Whilst posts can be tagged, categorized, commented on, added to feeds and archived, pages are static and used for content such as ABOUT US or CONTACT.

To add a new PAGE:

From WordPress Dashboard  got to PAGES > ADD NEW

  1. Add a title in the title field
  2. Add the content in the text box
  3. Choose a page template, if required
  4. Choose a parent page for that new page, if required
  5. Click PUBLISH

To add an image to your text – see guide on ADDING IMAGES TO POSTS/PAGES

If you wish to change the content or title of your page:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard go to PAGES > ALL PAGES
  2. Click on the title of the page you wish to change
  3. Edit the page
  4. If you change the page title – make sure you change the PERMALINK as well – click EDIT – delete the permalink and click OK- A new permalink will automatically be inserted
  5. Click UPDATE